Welcome To Shanti's Group

We the “Shanti Group” being in manufacturing of Breakfast cereals since 1983, the 80’s time where there was no enough awareness regarding the breakfast cereals and its advantages in India.

It feels proud to promulgate ourselves the first manufacturer of breakfast cereals in the Gujarat. Ameliorating on quality of our products on perpetual substructure, has made us competitors of many reputed brands. Having opulent experience in Victuals Industry, our focus is on the quality our customers look for. We are most intrigued to reach the maximum consumers, whether through different brands or our own Shanti’s Brand. Affirmative, we do the private label for many reputed clients.

We are the exporters additionally, have been prosperously satiating our clients in 3 different continents and 5 different countries. We aim is to capture the maximum market and reach every corner of world.

We opt ate to be apperceived as most promising company in terms of quality and taste.

At Shanti's we always strive for making products which are not only healthy but they provide proper nutrition and satisfaction to our end consumers.

We believe that quality is the key to success for any organisation and hence we manufacture products which are passed through various quality test and ensure that they are one of the best products available in the market.

Till today we have worked on the principle of "Customer First" and keeping this in mind we frequently ask for feedback from the customers and include those feedback in improving products and making them compatible with market requirements.

We provide OEM supply required by our customers with their own brand and packaging.

We also help them in building their own brand in the market with quality products and highest level of customer satisfaction which gradually creates a loyal brand in the mind and heart of the customer.