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As leading manufacturers and exporters in India, our assorted range of healthy breakfast includes rolled oats, grain oats, and white oats. White oats are derived from whole oat grain. It is rich in fiber and assures other health benefits too for the consumers.

White oats is an ideal breakfast choice that keeps your family healthy and energetic throughout the day. Our white oats are rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients. It also helps you in cutting down extra calories and makes you slim and fit.

Being eminent White Oats manufacturers and exporters in India, our products are carbohydrates rich with desirable physiological properties. The soluble fibers available in white oats have important effect on glucose and lipid metabolism.

  • Reduces the requirement of insulin to stabilize blood sugar level, thus it can benefit diabetics.
  • Cholesterol fighting property can be useful for prevention of Artheroscelorosis.
  • Decrease the risk of fatal and nonfatal attacks
  • Helps in weight control as it can reduce consumption of high Fat, high calorie food.

Benifits :

Lowers cholesterol
Combats cancer
Battles diabetes
Prevents constipation
Smoothes skin
Reduces risk of stroke

Available Packing :

White Oats 1 Kg. Jar
White Oats 800 GM Jar
White Oats 500 Gm Jar
White Oats 800 Gm Pouch
White Oats 500 Gm Pouch

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