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Early Years – Humble Beginnings

One of India’s largest Breakfast cereal manufacturing companies – Shanti’s, stands tall at a modest yet a rock-solid foundation. Shri Pravin Patel and Shri Mansukh Patel, the founding members of our company, embarked on this journey with a Manage sum of money and a small rented space where they produce Maize Flakes using regular kitchen utensils. Alongside, they resorted to odd jobs like selling vegetables and Cloths (saree) printing to make ends meet.

Then the next generation stepped in and brought with them a modern outlook and contemporary approach. The scale expanded. Slowly, new markets opened up…

Expansion and growth

Today, Shanti’s has emerged to be one of the biggest names in the Breakfast cereal industry. Our manufacturing unit works on machinery sourced from Switzerland and China with the capacity to produce 25 tons of Breakfast cereals every day. We export to clients in 3 different continents and 20 different countries. The aim is to reach every corner of the world.

Shanti’s has rapidly & strategically spread its wings in its area of operation. Based in Rajkot, one of the most advanced trade zones in Gujarat, Shanti’s produces a wide variety of cereals ranging from cornflakes to oats, muesli choco flakes, to fulfil all kinds of breakfast demands. Our industrial product range includes different types of rice crispies, jumbo oats and wheat crepes. We cater to all food business sectors such as retail customers, small and large catering companies, ship chandlers, hotels, dairy product companies and food processing industries.

Today, we have emerged as a brand recognized for manufacturing premium quality breakfast cereals that add value to the health of our customers. We are on a mission to spread healthy lifestyle by bringing about a breakfast revolution across the globe.


To be a dominant player in innovative food product and become 500 crore group of Company by 2035

Core Purpose

To Help People for Diversify Their Life Style for a Batter Tomorrow


Core Value

Our values are at the heart of our business. They define who we are and what we stand for.

Each of our core value aligns with the company’s strategic goals and promotes our ‘Be safe, Be green, Be excellent’ philosophy.

Commit to trusting that your hard work will generate profit. Make the commitment to thinking big and never being satisfied with the goals you have achieved. Be grateful for what you have accomplished but not satisfied. Set higher goals. Commit to working consistently without pause, taking steps toward your business goals.

We strive to provide exceptional customer service through flexible scheduling, quality products, efficient services, and innovative solutions, which results in maximum value generation for the customer and the company. We’ve always strived to build a Customer-First culture. We frequently conduct feedback sessions with our customers and use it to improve our products. This helps us in making our products compatible with the market requirements.

Act of enhancing or making better in terms of quality, value or usefulness. This can be by making ideas, objects or processes more desirable by adding or removing components. Continuous improvement is an essential element in today’s modern quality system and its aim is just to improve more and more efficiency at every level. We always try to promote a culture of open communication, so there’s always a hope of improvement.

Promotes and maintains respectful communication in all professional interactions. We act with integrity. We treat each other with fairness and respect. Makes the client the primary concern in providing nursing care.

We respect the individual in each one of us and treat everyone with great hospitality. We respect the ecosystem and always do our best to enhance and preserve it. We are an organization which respect and recognizes the talent in each employee and empowers them.

Research & Development

At Shanti’s, we give utmost importance to product diversification and development, according to potential market trends and consistently improve existing product standards. The R&D team works round the clock to develop healthy products that meet the exquisite tastes of our clients.

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Quality Management System

Our business ethics and management practices fuse together seamlessly to create an effective Quality Management System.

Customers have always been at the centre of our growth strategy and we believe in not just meeting their expectations but exceeding them thereby enhancing satisfaction. We believe that quality is the key to success, so, we manufacture products which pass through various quality tests and match international standards. We strive to make products which are high on nutrition, consistent in quality and never fail to bring satisfaction to our end consumers. We aim for continuous improvement in all our business processes which helps us achieve greater quality levels in all our products.

Thus, we ensure that our Quality Management System (QMS) aligns with our organization’s purpose and gives it a strategic direction.


Future Growth Plans

The company has currently made a large investment in land, propelling an unprecedented expansion and enabling meticulous functioning of elaborate operations and integrated under one roof. Apart from this, we are also planning to launch a new product in the market – High protein crisps.

About Service


We are Halal & ISO certified.


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