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Choco Flakes

Shanti’s Choco Flakes are a healthy, nutritious breakfast. It contains essential micro & macro nutrients that help in improving immunity. They are usually ‘scoop’ shaped and chocolate flavoured. The high fiber choco flakes are deliciously flavoured and packed with energy. A favourite among kids, Shanti’s Choco flakes are best served with milk, but these can also be tried as a snack with cream, yogurt or as a topping with ice cream.

Shanti’s Corn Flakes makes the best quality cork flakes, hence, we are recognized as the leading corn flakes exporters and corn flakes manufacturers in India. Our corn flakes are made using the world’s best corns. We have a team of experts that chooses the freshets, finest and the crispiest sweet corns from the vendors. We have partnered with top farmers to get the best quality sweet corns. After all, only the best quality corns can be turned into the best quality corn flakes. Therefore, Shanti is known as the top corn flakes supplier in the country.

If you want to super change your body, you should start your day with a bowl of crispy corn flakes. Corn flakes are not only good for your physical health, but also, good for your mental wealth too. The extraordinary nutritive qualities of corn flakes make them an ideal choice for breakfast. Also, corn flakes are one of the most convenient breakfast options, just add a little quantity of milk and fruits, and the yummy treat is ready!

Shanti’s high quality cork flakes make it a premium corn flakes exporters and corn flakes manufacturers in India. Being one of the best corn flakes supplier in the country, we constantly try to deliver only the best quality flakes to the audience.


12gm Pouch,
27gm Pouch,
250gm Pouch,
125gm Box,
250gm Box,
375gm Box

15 kg


Nutritional Information

*Approximate Values

TitleTypical Value for 30g30g serving With 120ml skim
Energy117.25 kcal150.93 kcal
Energy from Fat2.25 kcal3.69 kcal
Total Fat0.25g0.41g
Saturated Fatty Acids0.13g0.16g
Monosaturated Fatty Acids0.09g0.14g
Polysaturated Fatty Acids0.03g0.11g
Total Carbohydrates26.10g32.10g
Of which Sugar (Sucrose)9.01g9.01g
Dietary Fiber1.50g1.52g

Pro tips:

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Makes for the perfect ingredient for
chocolate thick shake.
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Get a double chocolate shot by pouring
chocolate syrup over it.

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