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We also manufacture premium quality semi-finished products for confectionery and dairy industries. We offer customized shapes and ingredients for each of these types of crispies according to the customer’s needs. Currently we are offering round and oval shaped crispies.

By combining wheat germs with other ingredients, we manufacture crisps that taste like nuts and can be used as a perfect raw material in confectionery products.

Rice Crispy Oval

15 Kg Bag

A delectable blend of crisped rice and sugar, cooked, dried and toasted into rice shaped ingredients for chocolates and other low moisture confectionery products. It comes in plain flavour and adds a delicious crisp to the products.

Rice Crispy

15 Kg Bag

This type of rice crispy is toasted into circular and round shapes. Its basic, classic flavour provides a delightful taste. It is one of the main ingredients in sweets and other low moisture products.

Wheat Crispy Plain and Cocoa

15 Kg Box

Puffed wheat grains are blended with sugar to form the flavourful recipe of plain wheat crispies. These crispies are highly appreciated and demanded for its delicious taste & crunch. It is also available in a rich, natural chocolate flavour made from high quality cocoa, sourced from the best regions.

Coated Crispy Balls

15 Kg Box

These incredibly flavourful chocolate and sugar-coated rice crispy balls bring the required crunch in confectionery products. These 6-8 mm size balls have a crispy texture and delightful flavour.

Jumbo Oats

25 Kg Bag

Also known as wholegrain oats, these are oat groats that have been flattened with a large heavy roller. Jumbo oats have got the perfect taste and texture for making muesli and granola bars.

Whey Protein Crispy

15 Kg Bag

Whey protein crispy is a great source of protein and a powerhouse of energy. It is used as a one of the main ingredients in protein bars and cereal bars to enrich the product’s nutritional value.

Rice Crispy Cocoa Oval

15 Kg Bag

It has a strong, rich cocoa flavour blended into the crisped rice & sugar mix. Its thin and hollowed out walls gives it a crispy texture. Its crispiness makes it one of the main ingredients in chocolates and other bakery products.

Rice Crispy Cocoa

15 Kg Bag

The timeless taste of round shaped rice crispy is enhanced with a rich cocoa flavour. It is used as an ingredient in several granola bars, chocolate bars and other confectionery products.