Choco Flakes Manufacturer

Being prominent Choco flakes manufacturers and exporters in India, we always use ultra grade raw materials perfectly blended with tasty, energetic, and genuine breakfast products assuring excellent nutrition value for the consumers.

Shanti’s choco flakes have excellent food value aids people in losing weight also. We are most trusted Choco flakes manufacturers and exporters in India best known for selling and distributing tasty and fresh food products in market.

Our choco flakes are highly delicious when served with milk in breakfast or any other time of the day. You can eat choco flakes with yogurt or use it as a snack. If you are little bit innovative then it can be used as topping for ice cream.

  • Choco Flakes 250 Gm Box
  • Choco Flakes 125 Gm Box
  • Choco Flakes 30 Gm Pouch


  Per 100g** Per Serving**
Energy (kcal) 381 114
Protein (g) 10 3
Total Fat (g) 1 0.3
Saturated Fat (mg) 0.13 0.04
Cholesterol (mg) 0 0
Total carbohydrates (g) 83 25
Dietary Fiber (g) 5 1.5
Sugar (g) 33 9.9
Sodium (g) 0.8 0.24

Packing Detail

Product Pack Size Pack per Gms Pack Per Carton
Choco Flakes 375 Gm * 36 Box 375 Gm 36 Packet
Choco Flakes 250 Gm * 48 Box 250 Gm 48 Packet
Choco Flakes 125 Gm * 72 Pouch 125 Gm 72 Packet
Choco Flakes 27 Gm * 260 Pouch 27 Gm 260 Packet
Choco Flakes 12 Gm * 375 Pouch 12 Gm 375 Packet
Choco Flakes Manufacturer

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