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Mix Fruit Muesli

Shanti’s mix fruit muesli is a healthy blend of gently roasted oats, corn flakes & wheat flakes mixed with roasted almonds and raisins. Fruit crushes and natural honey give it an additional punch, making it simply irresistible! This delightful cereal is a great start to your day with a perfect balance of whole grains and mixed fruits. Experience the fruity flavors of luscious strawberries, delicious apples and zesty pineapples blended with goodness of British oats & fiber rich bran.

Fruit muesli is a soberly scrumptious breakfast option. It is made using high quality corn flakes, roasted oats and wheat flakes. As the name suggests, fruit muesli even contains the touch of fruits. Whereas, a bowl of mix fruit muesli contains roasted nuts, like raisins and almonds as well. Mix fruit muesli is one of the tastiest versions of muesli and it is highly preferred by the muesli lovers.

Though, there are several muesli exporters, muesli suppliers and muesli manufacturers in India, but not all of them are as good as Shanti. Shanti’s fruit muesli contains the tasty flakes, oats as well as fruit crushes and natural honey. Therefore, a bowl of muesli in the morning gives a perfect start to the day. Honey and fruits add a special flavor to the muesli. Shanti’s muesli contains highest quality oats, flakes, scrumptious apples, juicy strawberries, and zesty pineapples. In fact, it is even rich in fiber as it contains a good amount of bran.

Therefore, Shanti has been recognized as one of the best several muesli exporters, muesli suppliers and muesli manufacturers in India. If you want to have tasty muesli which is full of nutrients every morning, then go for a pack of Shanti muesli, and you will definitely love it!


250gm Box

15 kg


Nutritional Information

*Approximate Values

TitlePer 100g Approx.Per Serve 30g Approx.
Energy28.7 kcal128.6 kcal
Total Fat9.4g2.80g
Saturated Fatty Acids1.3g0.39g
Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids5.3g1.59g
Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids2.8g0.84g
Trans Fatty Acids0mg0mg
Of which Sugar (Sucrose)21.7g6.51g
Dietary Fiber8.0g2.4g
Vitamin (A)100μg30μg
Vitamin (C)25mg7.5mg
Thiamine (Vita B1)0.8mg0.24mg
Riboflavin (Vita B2)0.9mg0.27mg
Niacin (Vita B3)10.0mg3.0mg
Vitamin B61.3mg0.39mg
Vitamin B120.2μg0.06μg

Pro tips:

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A perfect portion for a wholesome breakfast smoothie bowl.
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Add dry fruits to double the nutrition.

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