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Corn Flakes

Shanti’s Corn Flakes – a treat for your taste-buds. It is made from the finest, crispiest and the freshest sweet corn sourced fresh from the fields. A light yet power packed breakfast, Shanti’s Corn Flakes are the best way to supercharge your mornings. They can be consumed with fresh fruits and dry fruits for breakfast. Delicious and tasty, this cereal is widely consumed due to its exceptional nutritional values. It is good for the mental & physical health of people across all age groups.


200gm Pouch,
500gm Pouch,
875gm Pouch,
100gm Box
250gm Box,
325gm Box,
500gm Box

15 kg


Nutritional Information

*Approximate Values

TitlePer Serving 100gPer Serving Size 30g
Energy (kcal)381114.3
Protein (g)72.1
Total Fat (g)10.3
Saturated Fat (g)00
Trans Fat (g)00
Cholesterol (mg)00
Total Carbohydrates (g)8625.8
Dietary Fiber (g)51.5
Sugar (g)103
Sodium (g)2.680.8
Iron (mg)185.4
Vitamin B1 (mg)10.3

Pro tips:

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Add fresh fruits and sprinkle dry fruits
to enhance taste.
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Pour maple syrup over it to
add more flavour.

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